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How does it work?

You Order, Chefs Prepare, We Deliver/Picked up…Heat & Eat!

1. Fill Out the Contact Form

Click on the contact form tab above and a team member will get back to you within 24-48hours to complete or schedule your call.

2. Complete or Schedule your 5-10 minute phone consult to assess allergies and needs.

Build as many custom orders as you’d like, or partake in our Menu of the Week. Review your selections before purchasing once an invoice is sent to your email. Once payment is made you will be alerted your order is confirmed. You're then added to our text/email list to receive alerts of new menus and specials. All orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday of the previous week. 

3. Pick Up Only

Meal Prep orders are on a weekly basis and will be available for pick up from one of our locations on Mondays and Wednesdays. Juicing orders are available with a 24 hour completion time.

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Urth’s Table is a destination for fresh and locally sourced foods. We believe food is fuel to keep you going and the medicine to keep you healthy, strong to live a long an full life. We exist to advocate through Plant Based eating, connecting and buying from those we trust while shaping a healthier community one meal at a time. Let food be your medicine...What’s Your Dose?


We take pride in making life easier by providing freshly prepared plant based meals that exude flavor. To be an open book of food knowledge for everyone that we touch and continue to Take the Thinking the out of Eating.